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Joseph S. Bramblett
10814 Stone Canyon Rd. Apt. 2156
Dallas, TX 75230

pager: (972) 648-5909
mobile: (214) 929-8234


To secure a position providing internal technical and database support within a growing, technology-oriented company.

Employment History:

Technical Advisor
Aegis Communications Group
Irving TX 75063
May 1999-June 2000

Provide technical support and Microsoft Access consulting during the startup phase of an Internet banking project, and maintained trouble ticket information. Also, designed a trouble ticket database for use in handling technical issues regarding bank products and services.

Technical Support Representative
National TechTeam Incorporated
Dallas, TX 75238
November 1998-May 1999

Provide hardware-only extended warranty support to customers of GE Computer Support Plus, as well as assisting in the identification of procedural inefficiencies, and partial redesign of web-based technical resources provided to technical support personnel.

Technical Customer Service Representative
Stream Incorporated
Carrollton, TX 75006
September 1997-May 1998

Provided hardware and software support to users of Macintosh clone systems under MacOS versions 7.5.5 through 8.1, as well as assisting other departments in the determination and resolution of hardware and reseller issues.

Onsite Warranty Repair Technician
Enpointe Technologies
Dallas, TX 75240
June 1997-August 1997

Maintained and repaired desktop and laptop PC systems under contract at Northrop-Grumman Commercial Aircraft Division. Worked in close cooperation with Northrop-Grumman's internal helpdesk to identify problem situations and potential solutions to the hazards of computer use in a manufacturing environment, and assisted in the selection and construction of custom systems to exactly meet customer needs.

Customer Advocate
Internet America
Dallas, TX 75201
November 1996-April 1997

Worked in conjunction with the Director of Quality Assurance to ensure that all customers, both internal and external, received the best possible service. Aided customer communication with all departments through clarification of problem reports, duplication of error conditions in a controlled environment, user application support under Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS versions 7.5.1 through 7.6.1. Also monitored all user-accessible systems for signs of tampering and improper use, or improper performance.

Project Manager
Internet America

Dallas, TX 75201
May 1996-November 1996

Ensured proper communication and resolution of problems during startup phase of Internet News based project, providing advanced customer support, and maintaining good customer relations, while promoting the product both locally and internationally via the Internet. Also tested many potential changes, and coordinated efforts of early software testers and programmers through extensive use of various Usenet News applications, as well as using the UNIX clone operating systems Linux and FreeBSD to provide controlled environments for testing.


Stephenville High School
Stephenville, TX 76401
Graduation Date: May 1994

Related Activities and Certifications:

1995-Present: Used and studied UNIX and UNIX applications.
1996-Present: Built and maintained two Linux systems for personal use, including mail services using BSD Sendmail and Apache web server with CGI support.
June 2000: BrainBench Certified Computer Technician
June 2000: BrainBench Certified Macintosh Power User
July 2000: BrainBench Certified Windows 95 Power User


Available upon request.